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Luxury Wet Towels is a luxurious, exclusive and stylish refreshing towel, which gives a pleasant feeling. It can be used on room temperature, warm or cold.


Luxury Wet Towels is a luxurious, exclusive and stylish refreshing towel

Organic and hygienic

Made of 70% beech root

0% Alcohol

100% Belgian

Perfect to use as:

Indulgence to your hands after eating sea food, spare ribs, ..

Accessory in the car, purse or on vacation

Refreshment in summer

What makes Luxury Wet Towel unique?

Enjoyable and fine sense made out of vegetable extracts

Can be used warm, cold or on room temperature

Exclusive, personalized packaging (private labeling) resistant to drying

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About Us

Cemil Adiyil founder and manager of Luxury Wet Towels

“Love for gastronomy and qualitative products is not just pleasure to me but it is also a source of inspiration. Good food with family, friends or my partner is an experience to me. It’s the moment to create a pleasant atmosphere with attention to each detail. That inspired me as an entrepreneur to create Wet Towels, the ultimate refreshing towel. Details create magic.” waar aandacht is voor elk detail. Dat heeft mij als ondernemer geïnspireerd om Luxury Wet Towels te creëren, de ultieme verfrissingsdoek. Omdat magie gemaakt wordt door details.”


Luxury Wet Towels on Horeca Expo 2019

Innovation and inspiration is core to Horeca Expo. The focus stands strong on pushing new ideas, products and themes forward. Also Luxury Wet Towels was a part of it.

Luxury Wet Towel at the award ceremony of Michelin stars 2020

Again this year the Dutch entrepreneurs of the catering industry were full of excitement in the theater DeLamar room in Amsterdam, hoping to gain one, two or even three stars in the Michelinguide. Also Luxury Wet Towel took part of this event.



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