When hands and indulgence meet…


Luxury Wet Towels are luxurious, exclusive and stylish cleansing wipes. Moreover, it gives a pleasant feeling and it can be used at room temperature, heated or cold.

Luxury Wet Towels are luxurious, exclusive and stylish refreshment wipes.

Organic and Hygienic

Made From Beech Root

0% Alcohol

100% Belgian

The ideal wet wipes as:

Pampering your hands after eating seafood, spare ribs, ...

Accessory in the car, in your handbag or on vacation.

Refreshment in the summer.

What makes Luxury Wet Towels so unique?

Especially a particularly pleasant and subtle fragrance from plant extracts.

Can be used warm, cold or at room temperature.

Finally, an exclusive and personalized packaging resistant to dehydration.

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About Us

Cemil Adiyil Founder and manager of Luxury Wet Towels

“My love for gastronomy and high-quality products is not only a form of enjoyment, but also a source of inspiration. Good food with friends and family or just with my wife. It is a true experience. It comes down to creating a cozy atmosphere where attention is paid to every detail. That has inspired me as an entrepreneur to create Luxury Wet Towels. The ultimate refreshment cloth. After all, because magic is made by details. ”


Luxury Wet Towels at Horeca Expo 2019

Innovation and inspiration are two fixed pillars within Horeca Expo. The focus is therefore very much strongly on promoting new ideas, products and themes. Luxury Wet Towels was of course also present.

Luxury Wet Towels at the Michelin Star Award 2020

This year too, the Dutch entrepreneurs from the top hospitality industry were again full of tension hall of Theater DeLaMar in Amsterdam. Hoping to get one, two or even three stars in it the Michelin Guide. Luxury Wet Towels was also provided.



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