Luxury Wet Towels are luxurious, exclusive and stylish cleansing wipes. Moreover, it gives a pleasant feeling and it can be used at room temperature, heated or cold.

Our product

Organic and hygienic

Made of 70% beech root

0% alcohol


The ideal wet wipes as

What makes LWT unique?

An indulgence to your hands after eating sea food, spare ribs, ..

An accessory in the car, purse or on vacation

A refreshment in summer

Especially a particularly pleasant and subtle fragrance from plant extracts.

Can be used warm, cold or at room temperature

Finally, an exclusive and personalized packaging resistant to dehydration.

"Always a wet wipe at hand for the perfect hygiene"

Our wipes customized for you business?

Personalize your wipes!

Would you like customized packaging with your company logo or custom text?
Discover the possibilities!

"Always a wet wipe at hand for the perfect hygiene"

Our clients


Building company

Mikele Adiyil

Fashion brand

Garage Wille


Peter Daeninck & Auto group Lievens



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